Membership Levels and Benefits


$100 (Bronze Bobcat)($25 for Faculty and Staff of LMC, $50 for alumni 0-10 years out since graduation)

Bobcat Club magnet
Bobcat Bytes weekly e-newsletter
Listing in athletic programs
Listing in the College’s annual Honor Roll of Donors
Invitation to Bobcat Club events 

$250 (Silver Bobcat) 

Bronze Bobcat benefits PLUS
Bobcat Club ceramic cup

$500 (Green and Gold Bobcat) 

Silver Bobcat benefits PLUS
Clear Tote bag
Reserved High Back Seating for all Home Volleyball and Basketball games
Two seats at the Athletics Hall of Fame dinner  

$1,000+ (Diamond Bobcat) 

Green and Gold Bobcat benefits PLUS
Bobcat Club cap
Membership in the prestigious President’s Circle 


Current Bobcat Club Members 

Bobcat Club 2018-2019


Banner Elk Cafe and Lodge (Cindy and Les Broussard)

Barlow Investment Group, LLC.

Kim and Dan Brandon, parents

Cecile and Tommy Brigham, 1972 (both)

Pamela and John (1970) Cobb

Judy and Sonny Edmonson, trustee

Elk River Club

Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation

Ken Haigler, trustee

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Heck, parents

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Hopkins, 1970

Dianne May, trustee

Jill and Craig McPhail, staff

Sandra Porter

Fred Russell, 1973

Billy Shomaker, 1974

Debbie (1975) and David (1974) Small

Debi and McNair Tornow


Green and Gold

Charles Biddix, 1978

Nancy and Allen Clark

Susan and Carl Clawson

Brooke and Zach (2005) Dabkowski

Susan and Ed Hardin

Wendy C. Jensen-Harmon

Dylan Lawrence, 2010

Cheryl Merrill

Sharon Nelson, 2011 & faculty

Betty and Don (1964) Rich

Cathy (2013/staff) and Ed Shell

Captain Ken Sullivan, 1959

Ann and Jim Swinkola

Beth and John Tally

Mary (staff) and David Taylor

Gail Wetzel



Carol and Glenn Arthur

Jacob Copeland

Dr. Teresa Darnall, faculty

Bill Elder, 1960

Margaret and Jim Feely, parent

Holly and Ley Fletcher, coach

Lauren Foster, staff

Vicki Foster, staff

Derese Fulk

Michael Gerry, 2002

Tim Hall, coach

Tanika and Steve Hardin, coach

Ginger and Blaine (staff) Hansen

Erin Healey, staff

Connie (1965) and Arch (1964) Hoxton

Dr. Scott Jensen

Jane and Ralph Klein, parents

Long Ridge Inc., Mr. Jim Henson

Matthew Markey, 2011

Nancy and Wally McCullough, former parents

Dr. Tom and Joy McGinnis

Andrew Nesdill, 2011

E.C. Newman

Ann Hill Nuckolls

Kelly Palace

Mark Polsgrove, assistant coach

Kelly (2012) and Dane (2010) Robinson

Bill Rudisill, 1970

Timothy Schestag, 2002

Sheryl and Clifford Schlegelmilch, parents

Betty and Michael Scipione

Rita Smith, staff

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Strange

George Whitfield, 1957




Bonnie Allen

Amy Anderson, staff

Erin Barcal, 2017, assistant coach

Dustin Barrow, 2016, assistant coach

Beech Mountain Club

Carol Lee Beckmann

Jeff Benoit, 1986

Joyce Bess, former parent

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Best

Joseph Bolen, 1951

David Brinkley

Caitlin Bullock, coach

Campaign Sports, LLC

Lucas Carson, staff

Aaron Carver, 2003

Shayanne and Dick Casey

Terry Chappell, 1960

Norma and John Chioma

Henry Chuang, coach

Robin and Vince Copeland, parent

Barbara and Bill Cornett, 1958

Robert Cox, 1965

Kasey Crabtree

Lori Ann Davidson, parent

Kayla and Jeff Davis

Judy O. Davis

Stacy Bess Davis, 2008

Matt Debnam

Donna and Bill Dicks

Michael Doobrow, 1977

Andy Fisher, staff

Lauren Foster, staff

Talia Freeman, 2007/staff

Haley French

Terri Garrett

Nicole (2006) and Casey (2007) Grandelli

Kalbie Grassett, 2022

Adam Hackett

Todd Hartley

Roger Hayes, 1957

Cassie and Adam Herre, 2013 & 2011

Lynn (staff/1983) and Larry Hinshaw

Heather (staff) and Kevin (2011) Hodges

Sandra and Michael Hogbin, parents

Don Holt, 1955

Eleanor and Roger Horne

Jaterra Hurst, assistant coach

Mister Keith Jennings, coach

Jordan Johnson

Nicole Jones-Slabach

Brian Jorgensen, 2014, assistant coach]

Jessica and Todd Lidh, staff

Toni Littleton, 2001

Seth Lowther, assistant coach

Keri (2008) and Kiko (2008) Magana, staff and coach

Lewis Martin, IV, 2008

Julia (1975) and Keith McCombs

Douglas Mead, 1969

Johnna and Milburn (1958) Jackson

Jake Miller, Staff

Leon Moore, 1962

Desean Motley, 2017/assistant coach

Nancy and Rick (2000) Owen

Lori and Todd Palmer, parents

Janice Parker

Douglas Perley, parent

Jaclin Poole, coach

Rachel Ratliff

Zee Roguska, 2012/staff

Jillian and Frank Rosato, staff and coach

Michelle (1986 and DeLee Scott

Natalie (2000) and David Secrest

C. Marvin Sellers, 1954

April and Mark Sferrazza, parents

Forrest Shaw, III, 1984 and parent

Michael Shaw

Jim Shimburski, staff

Joshua Shingleton, 2014

Ted Silver, faculty

Linda Sims

Neil Sleight, 2009

Melissa and Dan Smith, parents

Kirk Stoakes, parent

Brent Thomas, 1985

Cynthia and Chris Vasiloff

Wendy Washington, 1974

Sean Weddell, coach

Betsy Dunn Williams

Brandon Williams, 2006

Lonni Wilson, staff

Alan Yawn