Membership Levels and Benefits


$100 (Bronze Bobcat) ($25 for Faculty and Staff of LMC or alumni 0-10 years out since graduation)

Bobcat Club Membership Card 
Bobcat Club magnet
Bobcat Bytes weekly e-newsletter
Listing in athletic programs
Listing in the College’s annual Honor Roll of Donors
Invitation to Bobcat Club events 

$250 (Silver Bobcat) 

Bronze Bobcat benefits PLUS
Bobcat Club visor  

$500 (Green and Gold Bobcat) 

Silver Bobcat benefits PLUS
Two Bobcat Club visors
Two seats at the Athletics Hall of Fame dinner 

$1,000+ (Diamond Bobcat) 

Green and Gold Bobcat benefits PLUS
Two Bobcat Club chairs 
Membership in the prestigious President’s Circle 



Current Bobcat Club Members 

Bobcat Club 2015-2016


Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Barlow

Barlow Investment Group, LLC.

Jonathan A. Barrett

Jim and Dana Bernhard

Les and Cindy Broussard

President Barry and Deborah Buxton

Ken Haigler

Timothy Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hardin

Larry and Beth Hopkins

Mary Buxton Pearce

David and Debbie Small

McNair and Debbie Tornow

John and Linda Williams 

Green and Gold

Ted L. Baker

Beech Mountain Chamber of Commerce

Charles Biddix

Adam Binder

Adam Canoy

Robert and Sheri Cureton

Zachary Dabkowski

Mark and Susan Doughton

Bradley and Kayleigh Dunn

Joseph Elkins

Chris Fielder

Michael Gerry

Jim and Caroline Hart

J.D. and Caryn Hamilton

Craig and Jill McPhail

Scott and Karen Meade

Thomas Nicholas Netting

Nikolas Nixon

Chuck Raymond

Don and Betty Rich

Charles Dane and Kelly Robinson

Kirk Rogers

Frank, Jillian and Noah Rosato

David Schmidlin

Mitchell Setzer

Jen Baker Shiers

Neilson Sleight

H.D. Stewart

Ken and Ann Sullivan

David and Mary Taylor

Merritt and Sara Yackey

Brett Yusiewicz 


Carol and Glenn Arthur

Michelle Artrip (Jesse Artrip)

Kerry and Scott Barrett

Dustin Barrow

Dan and Kim Brandon

Dane Carney

Danny Deaton

Matthew Debnam

Schuylor Dickerson

William Eagle

Ley and Holly Fletcher

Bill Gregg

Alex Gudewich

Claire and Vincent Gudewich

Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Harmon

Becky and Arnold Lackey

Johnson City Ford Lincoln

Jordan Lombardo

Nicholas Meyer

Linda Nelson

Mitch Pardue

Alex Poole

Dillon Quinn

Stu and Debbie Strait

Ethan Thomson

Dylan Trask

Two Worlds Divers

Gage Wozniak



Rob and Michele Ames

Jeff Benoit

James Y. Blackwell

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Bloemendaal

Theresa and Stephen Bostrom

Trevor Bruffy

Robin Buchanan

Aaron Carver

Terry Chappell

John K. Cobb

Thomas Corner

Patricia Copeland

Susan and Jon Driggers

Diane and Norman Els

Sallie and Ragland Fletcher

Lauren Foster

Richard Fulton (NC Rockers)

Lori Fulmer

Tyler J. Gibson

Dearra and Scott Ginder

Bill Gregg

Noel Gressner

Blaine Hansen

Ginger Hansen

Dale and Barbara Harriman

Mr. and Mrs. John Hastings

Donald E. Holt

Connie and Arch Hoxton

Lynn Vance Hinshaw

Thomas Andrew James

Terri and Grant Jones

Pam Keystone

Jean and Harry Knepp

Stacy Lamb

Dean Langille

Ron Marden

Beth and Mitch Marlowe

Lewis Martin

Sharon and Kevin Martin

David, Suzanne and Lauren McAlexander

Wally McCullough

Dawn and John McGovern

Bill McGowan

Jeffery T. Merrill

Laura and Steven Meyer

Cindy Mihos

Kathy and Leon Moore

Audrey and Stephen Nagy

Kim and Bryan Nguyen

Kelly and Rich Nobbs

P.J. Noto

Deb and Lou Parks

Cynthia and Frank Perkins

Nancy and Mike Quinn

Frances Roberson

Mr. and Mrs. John Rudolph

Honey and Lenny Sachs

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sahm, Jr.

C. Marvin Sellers

Sandra Severance

Debbie and Don Shoemaker

Frank R. Shoemaker

Jackie and Theresa Simmons

Christopher Small

Melissa and Dan Smith

Rita Smith

Pat Snow

Susan Ward Stephenson

Elizabeth and James Stroud

Sadie and Lee Squires

R.H. Sutton, III

Rota O. Sutton

Brent Thomas

Ethan Thomson

Evan Webb

Deborah Weems

Tracy and Randy White

Susan and William Whitehead

Wendy and Steven Whiting

George Whitfield