Membership Levels and Benefits

Green and Gold Bobcat - $50
• Bobcat Club Decal
• Bobcat Bytes weekly email newsletter
• Invitation to Bobcat Club events
• Listing in athletic programs
• Listing in the College’s annual Honor Roll of Donors

Bronze Bobcat- $100
Green and Gold benefits PLUS:
• One “Basketball Season Pass” for admission to all Bobcat athletic contests (additional passes are $100 each)

Silver Bobcat - $250
Green and Gold benefits PLUS:
• Two “Basketball Season Passes” for admission to all Bobcat athletic contests (additional passes are $100 each)
• Invitation to “Meet the Coaches” Reception
• Bobcat Club hat (additional hats are $25 each)

Golden Bobcat - $500
Green and Gold benefits PLUS:
• Four “Basketball Season Passes” for admission to all Bobcat athletic contests (additional passes are $100 each)
• Bobcat Club stadium seat (additional seats are $50 each)
• Invitation to “Meet the Coaches” Reception
• Bobcat Club hat (additional hats are $25 each)

Diamond Bobcat - $1,000+
Green and Gold benefits PLUS:
• Four “Basketball Season  Passes” for admission to all Bobcat athletic contests (additional passes are $100 each)
• Invitation to “Meet the Coaches” Reception
• Two Bobcat Club hats (additional hats are $25 each)
• Two Bobcat Club stadium seats (additional seats are $50 each)
• Two seats at the Athletics Hall of Fame Dinner
• Membership in the College’s prestigious Elizabeth McRae Society


Current Bobcat Club Members 

Diamond Level

Glen and Carol Arthur

Barlow Investment Group, LLC

Les ’90 and Cindy Broussard

Fin-Addict Marine, Inc.

Ed and Susan Hardin

Dr. Larry ’70 and Beth Hopkins

Don ’64 and Betty Rich

Fred Russell ’72

David ’74 and Deborah Wells ’75 Small

McNair and Debi Tornow

Taft, Taft & Haigler

Urban M-Pact, Inc.

Barbara Miller Whitton

Merritt and Sara Yackey


Golden Level



Jerry and Kimberly Alford                                  

Dan and Kim Brandon

Geoff Cone

Robert and Sheri Cureton

Mark and Susan Doughton

Dr. Mary and Mr. Ira Pearce

Pirate Race Productions, LLC

Billy and Tera Stover

Ken Sullivan ’59

Keith and Debra Walker



Silver Level


Arthur & Son Farms, Inc.

Richard Arthur

Barbara H. Biehner

William Burns

President and Mrs. Barry M. Buxton

Canal Wood, LLC

W.H. and Betty Donovan, III

Timothy Hall

Jim ’13 and Caroline Hart 

Dean Langille

Bill and Chris Martin

Craig and Jill McPhail

The Mullins Warehouse

Kenneth and Kathleen Ruppert

Don and Debra Shoemaker

Stu and Debbie Strait

John and Mary Talley

Two Worlds Divers

Amanda Wright



Bronze Level


Robert and Michelle Ames

Ben Austin

Raymond and Susan Battani

Ed Bleynat ’55

W.O. Brandon

Ralph and Luann Briggs

Dr. Robin B. Buchanan

Ray Cameron ’02

Steve and Penny Carlton

Terry and Lori Ann Carroll

Lucas Carson

Aaron Lamar Carver ’03

Daniel and Kimberly Cavanaugh

John Cobb ’70

S. Jay Cohen

Robin Copeland

Robert and Lisa Crawley

Daniel Deaton

Donald and Sue Desanto, Sr.

Donald and Ellen Desanto, Jr.

James ’58 and Bernice Tipton ’59 Dixon

Jon and Susan Driggers

Joseph M. Elkins

Jarret Fleharty ’12

Ley and Holly Fletcher

Kadija K. Fornah

Lauren Foster

Richard and Brenda Fulton

Michael A. Gerry ’02

Greg and Rachel Gillespie

Paul and Dana Goode

Bill C. Gregg ’52

James and Caryn Hamilton

Steven E. Hardin

Toni and Donna Hasler

Lynn Vance Hinshaw ’83

Michael and Sandra Hogbin

Bradley Huff

Nat Joiner ’04

Eric L. Jones ’69

Patricia Keppler

Timothy and Rachael Kerrigan

Dean Langille Family

Stacy Lamb ’97

Robert Lawrence

Dr. Lynn Pitson & Kerry Shield

Thomas and Virginia Mahar

Mitch and Beth Marlowe

Bill McGowan

Scott and Karen Gobble ’86 Meade

Barbara Mullins

Stephen and Audrey Nagy

Martin ’73 and Frankie Ramsey ’55h Needham

Rick and Kelly Nobbs

Whitney Noble

P.J. Noto, Jr. ’11

Michael and Donna Osgood

Steve and Jill Provines

Gene E. Renfro

Ryan M. Riedel

Stephen and Jeanne Ritter

Jillian and Frank Rosato

Brandon Rosser

Jason R. Sabbides

David A. Schmidlin

Jane H. Schwartz ’72

Frank R. Shoemaker, Sr.

Ted and Carol Silver

Rita Smith

Patricia Tomlinson Sobey ’68

Lee A. Squires ’11

Robert Steinmetz

Rita O. Sutton

Kenneth and Barbara Tatje

Amanda A. Taylor

Ms. Mary C. Taylor

Dr. Robert G. Thrasher

Ms. Murrell Carlin Timmons ’98

Brown and Angie Towles

Ms. Karen Varley

Skylar J. Warren ’12

Kelly H. Wilkerson

Christopher M. Whalley

Michelle Williams

Casey A. Willis ’07 


Green & Gold Level


Ian and Diane Abraham

Brad and Darlene Allen

Jeffery Michael Benoit ’86

James Y. Blackwell, Jr. ’47

Robert Black

Ryan and Megan Lynch ’00 Boyd

Bruce Bunce

Terry Chappell ’60

John and Norma Chimoa

David and Mary Dieter

Norman and Diane Els

Michael Fahey ’11

Patrick and Michelle Fischer

Trina Hayter

Dr. Carl and Sue Hein

Matthew ’00 and Morgan Beck ’93 Herdklotz

Herbert and Christine Hill

Benjamin and Jennifer Caulderwood ’01 King

Harry and Jean Knepp

Mr. Jason Levesque

John and Elaine Lucas

Alice Jean Martin

Mark ’76 and Corinne Mauldin

Joan McMaster

Danielle Meade

Shela Moffett-Fabri ’93

Leon ’62 and Kathy Moore

Kevin M. Mullins

Sylvia Owens

Cameron Rankin

Martina Rieger

Stephen Ritter

Giles M. Roberts

Andrew ’98 and Billie Kay Charney ’02 Roland

C. Marvin Sellers ’54

Sandra Severance

Forrest Shaw ’84

Frank Timothy and Pamela Smith ’86

Ronald Summers

Mr. Ronald Varley

Randy and Tracy White

William and Susan Whitehead

Steven Whiting