Membership Levels and Benefits

$100 (Bronze Bobcat) ($25 for Faculty and Staff of LMC, $50 for alumni 0-10 years out since graduation)

Bobcat Club magnet
Bobcat Bytes weekly e-newsletter
Listing in athletic programs
Listing in the College’s annual Honor Roll of Donors
Invitation to Bobcat Club events 

$250 (Silver Bobcat) 

Bronze Bobcat benefits PLUS
Bobcat Club water bottle

$500 (Green and Gold Bobcat) 

Silver Bobcat benefits PLUS
Bobcat Umbrella
Reserved High Back Seating for all Home Volleyball and Basketball games
Two seats at the Athletics Hall of Fame dinner  

$1,000+ (Diamond Bobcat) 

Green and Gold Bobcat benefits PLUS
Bobcat Club stadium blanket
Membership in the prestigious President’s Circle 


Current Bobcat Club Members 

Bobcat Club 2017-2018


Banner Elk Café

Barlow Investment Group, LLC.

Lisa and John Barrett

Leigh and Aaron Barlow

Kim and Dan Brandon

Cindy and Les (1990) Broussard

John K. Cobb, 1970

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Debnam, 2007

Donna and Bill Dicks

Judy and Frank Edmonson

Ken Haigler

Beth and Larry (1970) Hopkins

Becky and Arnold Lakey, 1958

Dianne May

Jill and Craig McPhail

Sandy and Bob Moss

Billy Shomaker, 1974

The Sign Shop Inc.

Debbie (1975) and David (1974) Small

Debi and McNair Tornow

Mr. and Mrs. Murray M. White, III

Jennifer and Robert Woolslayer 

Green and Gold


Karen and Terry Beattie

Charles Biddix, 1978

Susan and Carl Clawson

Mike Eades, 1983

Coach Tim Hall

Susan and Ed Hardin

Daniel Hogbin, 2010

George Litton

Sharon and Kevin Martin

Betty and Don (1964) Rich

Ann and Ken (1959) Sullivan

Mary and David Taylor

Glen Weaver


Carol and Glenn Arthur

AXA Foundation

Dr. Kelley Black

Caryl and Curtis Canella

Allison Cook, 2016

LMC Cycling Team

Drs. Teresa and Russell Darnall

Vicki Foster

Susan Gentry

Chris Hoover, 2017

Patricia Kmetz

William Lopez, 2014

Carter Luck, 2015

David Masonoff

Nancy and Wally McCullough

Dr. Tom and Joy McGinnis

Cheryl Merrill

Jeff Merrill

Sharon Nelson

Lynn and E.C. Newman

Jillian and Assistant Coach Frank Rosato

Kim and Fred (1972) Russell

April and Mark Sferrazza

Carol and Mark Shina

Rita Smith

Debbie and Stu Strait

Amelia and Tyler Stieber, 2008

Brent Thomas, 1985

Gloria Valadez

Jessica and Coach Rich Wall, Jr.

Teresa and Philip Weathersbee

Dr. Lonni Wilson

Ann and James Wood

Norris Woody, Jr.


Glenda and Florio Abbate

Brit Abernathy

Ian Abraham

LMC Advancement Staff

Amy Anderson

Assistant Coach Dustin Barrow, 2016

Angie and Mike Bazemore

Jeff Benoit, 1986

Dennis Biggs, 2010

Nola (2002) and Randy (1992) Bloemendaal

Luann and Ralph Briggs

David Brinkley

Marsha Butler

Tommy Byerly, 1966

Dr. Billy Carver

Aaron Carver, 2003

Shayanne (2000) and Dick Casey

Kyle Castle

Melissa Caton

Terry Chappell, 1960

Christy Blair Chenausky, 1999

Beth and Robert Christina

Coach Henry Chuang

Kelley and Matt (2010) Ciotti

Barbara and Bill Cornett, 1958

Zachary Dabkowski, 2005

Jeff Davis

Shelby Febro Davis, 2000

Dr. Patricia De Angelis

Cynthia Didado

Steven Dierstein, 2009

Tami Dow

Jon and Susan Driggers

Sarah Dunn-Williams

Margaret and Jim Feely

Andy Fisher

Holly and Coach Ley Fletcher

Lauren Foster

Sandra Freitas

Assistant Coach Mandy Gallagher

Theresa and Edward Gibbons

Jordan Gillespie, 2011

Ami and Eric Gollihar

Bill Gregg, 1952

The Gudewich Family

Ginger and Blaine Hansen

Beth Hardin

Coach Steve Hardin

Ganarda and Ken Hardnett

Pamela Harper

Wendy Harmon

Erin Healey

Scott Henderson

Lynn (1983) and James Hinshaw

Sandra and Michael Hogbin

Don Holt, 1955

Jay Huffman, 2003

Coach Keith Jennings

Assistant Coach David Johnston and Mary Farmer

Mark Johnston

Deane and Jay Jones

Tim Kerrigan

Coach Lexi King, 2011

Amanda Leonard Kirby, 2013

Brian Knapp, 2005

Karen Kollias

Kelley (1997) and Dwayne (1992) Krege

Michael Kurtz, 1975

Dalton Lamb, 2015

Amanda and Dennis Lawson, 2012

Assistant Coach Catherine Lovallo

Dorothy and David (1964) Lohrey

Keri and Coach Kiko Magana, 2008

Floyd Martin

Lewis Martin IV, 2008

Maria and Regino Martinez

Lucy McAlexander

Ann and Don (1963) McCaskill

Julia Morgan McCombs, 1975

Lon McFayden

Chris McIntosh, 2005

Romaine and Joseph Melchionna

Leon Moore, 1962

LTC  RET. Jerry Mullikin, 1971

Sharon Nelson

Laura Olson

Lori and Todd Palmer

Renea Pittman

Dr. Ed Plowman, 1965

Assistant Coach Mark Polsgrove

Coach Jaclin Poole

Kristen and Adam (2004) Roberts

Kelly and Dane Robinson, 2010

Kim Coley Rosenfeld, 2013

Laura and Feild Russell

Marvin Sellers, 1954

Taylor Sepokas

Forrest Shaw, 1984

Cathy (2013) and Ed Shell

Neil Sleight, 2009

Craig Smith, 1965

Melissa and Dan Smith

Michelle (2012) and Nathan (2010) Smith

Cindy Snotherly

Richard Soderquist, 1970

Susan Ward (1993) and Sam Stephenson

Bailey Stewart

Hugh Taylor, 1969

Mike Thomas (MT Construction)

Lorraine and Robert Turner

Valerie and John Umling

Stanley Vermillion

Laurie and Richard Wack

Cheyenne Warrick, 2017

Erin and Donnie Warrick

Gerry and Rich Wall, Sr.

Katie Wall

Carl Wigington

Brandon Williams, 2006

Rev. and Mrs. Truett Williams

Ethel and James Woolslayer