Coaches and Staff Compliance Information

This section includes forms, educational materials and other important information for Lees-McRae coaches and staff.

The following information is for Lees-McRae Coaches and Staff. All compliance forms are available on this page for download. Also included on this page are the Lees-McRae Compliance Spotlight features.

Available Documents:

Important Information

    * 2016-2017 NCAA Manual (PDF Format)
    * 2016-2017 LMC Compliance Manual (PDF Format)
    * Coaches Recruiting Guide (PDF Format)
    * NLI Tip Sheet for Coaches (PDF Format)
    * Release of Liability (PDF Format)

Call and Practice Logs

    * Countable Athletic Related Hours (Team) - Monthly (Word Format)
    * Outside of Playing Season (Countable Individual) - PDF | Excel
    * Outside of Playing Season (Countable Monthly) - Word
    * Playing Season (Countable Individual) - PDF | Excel
    * Playing Season (Countable Monthly) - Word

Lees-McRae Institutional Forms

    * Notification of Athletic Recruitment (PDF Format)
    * Transcript Request (PDF Format)
    * Change in Athletically Related Financial Aid (PDF Format)
    * Roster Change (PDF Format)


    * Student Tryout Waiver (PDF Format)
    * Tryout Approval (PDF Format)


    * Official Visit Host Instructions (PDF Format)
    * Official Visit Request (PDF Format)
    * Unofficial Visit Host Instructions (PDF Format)
    * Unofficial Visit Request (PDF Format)