Bobcats Place 128 Student-Athletes on Conference Carolinas' Presidental Honor Roll

HIGHPOINT, N.C. -- The Conference Carolinas office has announced the Conference Carolinas is proud to announce the 2007-2008 Presidential Honor Roll. This past year marks the first Presidential Honor Roll class of Conference Carolinas since the conference officially changed its name.

Each institution within the conference has emphasized their commitment to academic importance as they have continued to have student-athletes achieve a grade point average of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) at their institutions. As our conference continues to emphasize "Academics and Athletics Working Together" we strive to increase our Presidential Honor Roll each year in order to become a frontrunner within NCAA Division II.

"The number of student-athletes receiving this honor shows their priorities," said Bobcat Athletic Director Ried Estus. "They understand the value of their education and balance their athletic aspirations with their career aspirations."

The Bobcats placed 128 out of 302 student-athletes, 42.38%, on this year's list. The Bobcats are third on the list with Pfeiffer at 45.10% in first and Mt. Olive at 43.47% in second. Rounding out the top five are Barton at 41.87% in fourth and Converse at 40.67% in fifth.

2007-2008 Bobcats on the Conference Carolinas Presidential Honor Roll

Men's Cycling Men's Tennis Women's Lacrosse
Preston Anderson Jesse Laughrun Julia Barton
Kevin Holldber Alek Mojski Lucretia Butler
Edward Burress Blair Propert Julia Campbell
Christopher Dale Mike Ridenhour Desiree Cox
John Doyle Travis VanHoy Susan Dael
Scott Jackson Men's Track & Field Laura Hawthorne
Samuel Keesler Joe Daher Amelia Henson
Wentworth Knipe Michael Connor Megan Jennings
Randy Laprairie Joe Armstrong Heather Klaus
Matthew Owens Shaun Rowand Lauren Martin
Eric Thompson Billy Hon Olivia Maurey
Christian White Men's Volleyball Colleen Paxton
Men's Cross Country Ryan Black Megan Shaw
Matthew Barrett Ian Bryner Abby White
Jon Bernal Grant Cassell Women's Soccer
Josh Blanc Colin Kelly Brittany Bolton
Lewis Martin Chad Mercado Christine Calvert
Uriel Alberto Juan Ramirez Miranda Franks
Men's Basketball Robert Ritchey Aerial Gregston
Nick DeSchepper Josh Shea Kaylie Henne
Jesse Hoots Justy Tevid Allison Keith
Josh Kurtz Softball Maribeth Novak
Zack Rix Megan Davis Martha Peacock
Dairl Scott Amanda Dodson Tiffany Rodman
Aaron Willey Laura Gisler Brittany Sherrill
Aaron Woodacre Salle Horner Caitlin Smith
Men's Golf Zsachlayne Roguska Kat Smith
Mike Corboy Leslie Taylor Morgan Worch
Men's Lacrosse Melody Williams Women's Tennis
Zach Cecil Women's Basketball Katie Hawkins
Ben Drury Kayla Blevins Ashley Mayers
Landon Guntmann Erica Fovenesi Christine Vanard
Nathan Hammer Cortney Furr Women's Track and Field
Jack Pearl Chahkia Harrison Shantra McCoy
Charles Robinson Jessica Lunsford K.C. Robinson
Kirk Rogers Brittany Roberson Kathryn Smith
Bryan Thompson Renee Roberson Hannah Trimble
Charles Thompson Women's Cross Country Erin Tyler
Men's Soccer Karyn Bragman Women's Volleyball
Nathan Bird Jenny Hurd Natalie Burns
Johnny Bownes Ashley May Catherine Honey
Benjamin Harrison Carla Swart Whitney Kiser
Matt Lacey Gina Valenti Katie-Marie Legg
Logan Linton Women's Cycling Daviana Metti
Andrey Melkonyan Rebecca Conklin Trisha Reese
Steven Ramirez Katie Getchell Taylor Stice
Nicholas Robinson Kristina Henne Kayli Summers
Kacey Manderfield Dani Usedom
Ally Stacher