Bobcat Riders Dominate Home Track Over the Weekend

BANNER ELK, N.C. -- The Lees-McRae men's and women's cycling teams compete at the home race courses Saturday and Sunday in the downhill, short track and dual shalom events.

The downhill race was a technical rocky and rooty terrain. Ben Hulse brought home the victory in the men's A downhill by fractions of a second. In the women's A downhill race, Hannah Trimble took second, and Kerry Werner, as the lone Lees-McRae rider, in the men's B downhill race won the event.

Next up was the Short Track race with a field of 37 riders in the men's A on a very tight and technical course. Top Bobcat honors went to Brad Perley with a second place finish. In the women's A race Carla Swart, last year's national champion, won the event. In the men's B race, Sam Keesler won by a wide margin of victory, and Kathryn Smith concluded with a win in the women's B race.

Men's A Downhill Women's A Downhill Men's B Downhill

1st Ben Hulse 2nd Hannah Trimble 1st Kerry Werner

4th PJ Noto 4th Erica Zaveta

5th Steve Solt 12th Jo Markham

28th Ben Corbalis

34th Peter Haile

38th Sean Condrin

Men's A Short Track Women's A Short Track Men's B Short Track Women's B Short Track

2nd Brad Perley 1st Carla Swart 1st Sam Keesler 1st Kathryn Smith

4th Eric Thompson 3rd Jo Markham

5th Peter Haile 4th Erica Zaveta

7th Jon Doyle 7th Ally Stacher

14th Nick Dale 13th Chloe Jackson

22nd Kerry Werner 14th Kira Shoemaker

23rd Zach Felpel

27th Nate Trimble

28th Nathan Larson

29th Sondre Thorbergsen

31st Ben Corbalis

37th Scott Stewart

Starting Saturday and finishing with the final 16 men's A and final 8 in all other fields was the Dual Slalom race. Top women's A finisher was Dual Slalom Collegiate National Champion Chloe Jackson. In the men's A race top bobcat honors went to PJ Noto with a fourth place finish, and in the men's B race once again Kerry Werner took home the win. In the men's A cross country with Brad Perley once again putting together a brilliant ride that had him in first until a flat with a mile to go left him running in to a second place finish; and Carla Swart leveled the competition in the women's A race winning by an astounding margin. Sam Keesler and Kathryn Smith again snatched victory away in the men's and women's B races.

Men's A Dual Slalom Women's A Dual Slalom Men's B Dual Slalom

4th PJ Noto 1st Chloe Jackson 1st Kerry Werner

6th Ben Corbalis 4th Erica Zaveta

16th Steve Solt 10th Ally Stacher

11th Jo Markham

16th Hannah Trimble

Men's A XC Women's A XC Men's B XC Women's B XC

2nd Brad Perley 1st Carla Swart 1st Sam Keesler 1st Kathryn Smith

4th Peter Haile 4th Jo Markham

8th Nick Dale 5th Ally Stacher

10th Jon Doyle

12th Nate Trimble

14th Nathan Larson

19th Sondre Thorbergsen

23rd Ben Corbalis