ESports downs Emerson College in Overwatch spring scrimmage

ESports downs Emerson College in Overwatch spring scrimmage

Photo courtesy of Dr. Lonni Wilson

BANNER ELK, N.C. - The Lees-McRae College ESports club team defeated Emerson College 3-0 in its first Overwatch spring scrimmage back on Sunday (Mar. 24).

The Overwatch squad for the match was made up of Benjamin Davidson, Jade Dentzman, Jackson Galloway, Tristan Hashemi, Brock Penrod, and Sabrina Staley.

The first game saw the Bobcats utilize Reinhardt, Torbjörn, Zarya, Junkrat, Ana, and Lucio while the Lions chose Reinhardt,, Sombra, Ana, Mcree, and Moira. The key play of the game came when Galloway as Reinhardt charged into the Lion’s backline, forcing them to react defensively, which allowed the rest of the Bobcats to push forward and quickly eliminate the other players in the confusion. The Bobcats leaned on team members’ key characters and utilized the narrow nature of the map to force the Lions to make mistakes, putting the Bobcats up 1-0. 

In game two, the Bobcats made two changes to their roster, keeping Reinhardt, Junkrat, Torbjörn, and Zarya, while adding Mercy and Baptiste to the composition. The Lions kept their roster unchanged and chose a very defensive position for game 2. The Bobcats picked off the Lions’ Ana, who was out of position, opening the door for a victory. Hashemi pressed forward and eliminated four of the Lions by himself as he slashed through their remaining defense, leading the Bobcats to a 2-0 lead.

The Bobcats came out in full force in game three, with two of the team members swapping roles – Hashemi choosing Reinhardt and Galloway selecting Hanzo. Meanwhile, Penrod stayed true to his origins as a healer, selecting Mercy, while Dentzman wall-rode the entire match as Lucio. Staley kept rocking her Junkrat and Davison posted big numbers as Zarya. The Lions attempted a new strategy, using Pharah and Mercy, a notoriously difficult combo to counter. The Lions complimented these risky picks by subbing in a Winston and keeping their and Ana.  This round was decided almost entirely in the first few seconds of the game when Galloway shut down the Lions’ Pharah and Mercy, allowing the rest of the Bobcats to secure the point. Staley’s Junkrat provided solid frags against the enemy team landing double and triple kills consistently.   This swift start was decisive, and the Bobcats overwhelmed the Lions to collect the game and match victory.  

The team does not yet have a date for its next spring scrimmage.

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