Men's Basketball

Men's Basketball Honor Roll


All-Conference Carolinas
1995-96 Alphonso Keaton (2nd team)
1998-99 Toby Wright (Honorable Mention)
1999-00 Dan Tollens (2nd team)
2000-01 Robbie Waldrop (2nd team)
2000-01 Dan Tollens (Honorable Mention)
2003-04 Aaron Dugger (Honorable Mention)
2004-05 Antwon Brown (Honorable Mention)
2005-06 Aaron Dugger (Honorable Mention)
2010-11 Adam McFerran (3rd team)
2011-12 Jermiah Henry (3rd team)
2014-15 Jacquise Moore (1st team)
2014-15 Sean Deniton (3rd team)
2015-16 Austin Anderson (1st team)
2017-18 Lepreece Lynch (1st team)
2017-18 Jordan Turner (3rd team)
2017-18 Jason Saintizaire (3rd team)
2018-19 Quay Kimble (3rd team)
Conference Carolinas All-Tournament Team
2017-18 Lepreece Lynch (MVP)
2017-18 Josh Gaither
2017-18 Jason Saintizaire
Conference Carolinas Player of the Year
2015-16 Austin Anderson
Conference Carolinas Freshman of the Year
2003-04 Aaron Dugger
2017-18 Quay Kimble
Conference Carolinas Player of the Week
2000-01 Robbie Waldrop
2001-02 Eric Burdsall
2003-04 Tyreek Ramseur
2004-05 Tyreek Ramseur
12/7/2015 Austin Anderson
1/2/2018 Kamil Williams
1/22/2018 Donte Falls
Conference Carolinas Coach of the Year
2017-18 Steve Hardin
Conference Carolinas Comeback Athlete of the Year
2015-16 Avery Wallis
D2CCA All-Region
2015-16 Austin Anderson (Second Team)
NABC All-District
2015-16 Austin Anderson (Second Team)
2017-18 Lepreece Lynch (Second Team)
2015-16 Austin Anderson (Honorable Mention)
Conference Carolinas Tournament Champions
NCAA Division II Tournament Appearances