Softball Team Develops Mission Statement

The Lees-McRae women's softball team members have collaborated on the first mission statement in program's history. The 2009 Lady Bobcats developed the following mission statement to demonstrate not only who they are, but also where they are going.

Lees-McRae College Softball Player's Mission Statement:
A Collaborate Effort by the 2008-2009 Team

A Lees-McRae softball player is first of all determined. She knows she has the opportunity to experience being a part of a team that is committed and driven. She accepts what it means to be a student-athlete. She understands she needs to treasure this time. She is disciplined and a hard worker. She is proud of her team. She is always striving for excellence.

A Lees-McRae softball player is more concerned with her team than herself. She realizes that she is here for a reason: that reason is to play ball. She appreciates past learning experiences and the new look for the future. She understands that she will get a sense of ownership and satisfaction by laying it all on the line and maintaining a positive attitude. When competing against others she focuses on the maturity of her game and how she can help the team. She knows if there is no competition there is no game. She knows if she has that drive and determination in college softball she will have it in the real world. She knows softball will prepare her for life because it gives her the ability to reach standards and surpass them.

A Lees-McRae softball player understands that without team unity and enthusiasm, excellence cannot be achieved. She understands the importance of being coachable; expecting her coaches' encouragement while trusting their criticism. She is optimistic in the face of adversity; has passion, desire and dedication. She never allows disbelief to stand in the way of her goals. She is always in the zone, never involving herself with things outside of her control. She knows that encouragement never leaves a "man down". Hoo-Rah!

A Lees-McRae College softball player plays her role as a teammate not an individual. She understands that what she becomes is dependent on never being satisfied. She competes to win on and off the field. She knows that in order to succeed she must first overcome her personal failures. In the end, knowing she must push her limits, combined with God-given talent and guidance from anyone who has influenced her game; there will be no regrets.