Women's Volleyball

Lady Bobcats Win Conference Carolinas Opener Over Royals

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Lees-McRae Lady Bobcats defeated the Queens University of Charlotte Royals, 3-0 (25-16, 25-23, 25-9) in their Conference Carolinas opener Tuesday night.

Whitney Kiser had nine kills and one solo block to lead the Lady Bobcats. Megan Epperson added eight kills, three solo blocks and six digs. Tracey Copley picked up 16 digs and Lauren Dickover handed out 15 assists. To view play-by-play scoring scroll down.

Box score

2008 Season Stats Through 9-16-2008

Set 1
0-1 QU point (kill: Bagley)
1-1 LMC point (kill: Kiser)
1-2 QU point (kill: Arenander)
2-2 LMC point (hitting error Harvey)
3-2 LMC point (hitting error Harvey)
4-2 LMC point (block Epperson, Legg)
5-2 LMC point (kill Strice)
6-2 LMC point (hitting error Harvey)
7-2 LMC point (block Epperson, Legg)
Timeout QU
7-2 QU point (blocking error Legg)
8-2 LMC point (kill Epperson)
8-3 QU point (block Lea)
9-3 LMC point (kill Hall)
10-3 LMC point (block Burns, Hall)
11-3 LMC point (hitting error Lea)
11-4 QU point (lift Bodgan)
11-5 QU point (hitting error Legg)
12-5 point LMC (four call)
13-5 point LMC (kill Burns)
13-6 QU point (service error Bodgan)
14-6 LMC point (net call on QU)
15-6 LMC point (service ace Reese)
16-6 LMC point (four call on QU)
17-6 LMC point (kill Bodgan)
Timeout QU
17-7 QU point (hitting error Kiser)
17-8 QU point (kill McKenzie)
18-8 LMC point (kill Strice)
19-8 LMC point (kill Kiser)
20-8 LMC point (four call QU)
20-9 QU point (kill Hays)
20-10 QU point (four call LMC)
21-10 LMC point (kill Kiser)
21-11 QU point (hitting error Brant)
21-12 QU point (hitting error Legg)
22-13 LMC point (service error QU)
22-14 QU point (service error Dickover)
23-14 LMC point (four call QU)
23-15 QU point (kill McKenzie)
23-16 QU point (hitting error Hall)
24-16 LMC point (kill Hall)
25-16 LMC point (service ace Bodgan)
Set 1 score: 25-16 LMC 1-0

Set 2
0-1 QU point (block Harvey)
0-2 QU point (kill Harvey)
0-3 QU point (double hit call Kiser)
1-3 LMC point (service error Valvert)
2-3 LMC point (hitting error Arenander)
3-3 LMC point (service ace Copley)
4-3 LMC point (hitting error QU)
4-4 QU point (blocker error Kiser)
4-5 QU point (BHE Reese)
4-6 QU point (hitting error Epperson)
4-7 QU point (BHE Kiser)
5-7 LMC point (kill Hall)
5-8 QU point (block Harvey)
5-9 QU point (kill QU)
5-10 QU point (block Arenander)
5-11 QU point (lift Epperson)
Timeout LMC
6-11 LMC point (kill Legg)
6-12 QU point (kill McKenzie)
6-13 QU point (hitting error Hall)
7-13 LMC point (service error QU)
7-14 LMC point (service error Epperson)
8-14 LMC point (kill Copley)
9-14 LMC point (block Kiser)
10-14 LMC point (kill Kiser)
10-15 QU point (lift Copley)
11-15 LMC point (kill Kiser)
11-16 QU point (kill Harvey)
12-16 LMC point (kill Kiser)
12-17 QU point (hitting error Epperson)
13-17 LMC point (kill Strice)
14-17 LMC point (four call QU)
Timeout QU
14-18 QU point (kill Harvey)
14-19 QU point (service ace Pierce)
15-19 QU point (back row attack call QU)
16-19 LMC point (kill Epperson)
17-19 LMC point (block Epperson, Legg)
18-19 LMC point (kill LMC)
Timeout QU
19-19 LMC point (kill Epperson)
19-20 QU point (block Arenander)
19-21 QU point (hitting error Hall)
19-21 QU point (block Valbert, Lea)
Timeout LMC
21-21 LMC point (kill Epperson)
21-22 QU point (kill QU)
22-22 LMC point (service error QU)
22-23 QU point (kill McKenzie)
23-23 LMC point (hitting error Mckenzie)
24-23 LMC point (four call QU)
25-23 LMC point (block Stice, Kiser)
Set 2 score 25-23 LMC 2-0

Set 3
0-1 QU point (kill McKenzie)
1-1 LMC point (kill Kiser)
1-2 QU point (block Mcenzie, Harvey)
2-2 LMC point (kill Kiser)
2-3 QU point (kill QU)
3-3 LMC point (block LMC)
4-3 LMC point (kill Kiser)
5-3 LMC point (hitter error QU)
6-3 LMC point (block Epperson)
7-3 LMC point (service ace Dickover)
Timeout QU
8-3 LMC point (kill Legg)
9-3 LMC point (double call McKenzie)
10-3 LMC point (double call QU)
11-3 LMC point (kill Legg)
12-3 LMC point (block Hall, Legg)
13-3 LMC point (hitting error QU)
14-3 LMC point (service ace Dickover)
14-4 QU point (service error Dickover)
15-4 LMC point (blocking error QU)
15-5 QU point (hitting error Burns)
16-5 LMC point (service error QU)
17-5 LMC point (hitting error McKenzie)
18-5 LMC point (service ace Brant)
18-6 QU point (service error Brant)
19-6 LMC point (kill Epperson)
19-7 QU point (overpass out Dickover)
20-7 LMC point (kill Kiser)
20-8 QU point (hitting error Epperson)
21-8 LMC point (service error McKenzie)
22-8 LMC point (kill Legg)
Timeout QU
23-8 LMC point
24-8 LMC point (block Epperson)
24-9 QU point (hitting error Epperson)
25-9 LMC point (kill Epperson)
Set 3 score 25-9 LMC 3-0, Final

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Pictured: Megan Epperson