Women's Volleyball

Lady Bobcats Lose Five Game Thriller

MISENHEIMER, N.C. - The Lees-McRae Lady Bobcats suffered their first Conference Carolinas loss, 3-2 (22-25, 25-20, 16-25, 25-15, 10-15), to the Pfeiffer University Lady Falcons on the road Wednesday evening.

After losing game one 22-25, the Lady Bobcats rallied to win game two 25-20 but fell in game three 16-25. In game four, Lees-McRae exploded out to a 19-2 lead and controlled the set to win 25-15. In the deciding game five, the Lady Bobcats fell behind early, 4-0, but rallied to tie the match at four. The two teams traded points until the Lady Falcons took a 9-8 lead and pressed on to win 10-15.

"It was a great battle, and Pfeiffer showed great character by killing clutch sets in key moments," commented head coach Jamie Petrik. "I think they showed us that we have some things to work on, and for us, sometimes a loss is a win."

Megan Epperson (St. John, Ind.) and Whitney Kiser (Connelly Springs, N.C.) had nine kills each for the Lady Bobcats. Epperson also had four solo blocks and 16 digs for the Lady Bobcats. Lauren Dickover (Las Vegas, Nev.) pitched in 20 assists while Kell Bodgan (Leawood, Kans.) had 19 digs in the five game contest.

Lees-McRae now stands 5-1 in league play and falls to 8-9 overall, while the Pfeiffer sits atop the conference standings at 7-0 (13-3).

The Lady Bobcats look to rebound as they travel to Converse College Friday, October 3rd. First serve is set for 7 p.m.

Pictured: Megan Epperson

Point-by-Point Scoring

PU vs. LMC

Game 1
LMC Starters
Bodgan, Epperson, Kiser, Hall, Copley, Reese
1-0 LMC pt. (k-Epperson, a-Reese)
2-0 LMC pt. (k- Copley, a-Reese)
2-1 PU pt. (k-Dickens)
3-1 LMC pt. (dump Reese)
4-1 LMC pt. (SA Copley)
4-2 PU pt. (SE Copley)
4-3 PU pt. (SA Poole)
4-4 PU pt. (e-Kiser)
4-5 PU pt.
4-6 PU pt. (k-Dickens)
4-7 PU pt.
4-8 PU pt. kill
5-8 LMC pt. (k-Epperson, a-Reese)
5-9 PU pt. (kill)
6-9 LMC pt. (k-Epperson, a-Reese)
6-10 PU pt. (kill)
7-10 LMC pt. (SE)
7-11 PU pt. (BE-Strice)
8-11 LMC pt. (k-Legg, a-Dickover)
8-12 PU pt. (k-Parrish)
9-12 LMC pt. (k-Kiser, a-Dickover)
10-12 LMC pt. (sa-Reese)
10-13 PU pt. (se-Reese)
11-13 LMC pt. (se PU)
12-13 LMC pt. (net violation)
13-13 LMC pt. (k-Hall, a-Reese)
13-14 PU pt. (se-Copley)
13-15 PU pt. (he-Hall)
14-15 LMC pt. (k-Kiser, a-Reese)
15-15 LMC pt. (ba-Legg, Epperson)
16-15 LMC pt. (e-Markham)
Timeout PU
16-16 PU pt. (k-PU)
16-17 PU pt. (ba-PU)
16-18 PU pt. (k-PU)
16-19 PU pt. (sa-PU)
16-20 PU pt. (k-PU)
Timeout LMC
17-20 LMC pt. (se-PU)
17-21 PU pt. (se-Dickover)
18-21 LMC pt. (k-Epperson, a-Dickover)
18-22 PU pt. (se-Epperson)
19-22 LMC pt. (net call-PU)
20-22 LMC pt. (sa-Bodgan)
20-23 PU pt. (k-PU)
21-23 LMC pt. (k-Burns, a-Dickover)
21-24 PU pt. (be-Kiser)
22-24 LMC pt. (ba-Kiser, Epperson)
22-25 PU pt. (k-PU)
Game 1- PU 22-25 (0-1)

Game 2
LMC Starters
Burns, Hall, Kiser, Legg, Dickover, Epperson, Bodgan
1-0 LMC pt. (k-Kiser, a-Dickover)
2-0 LMC pt. (ba-Epperson, Kiser)
3-0 LMC pt. (k-Hall, a-Dickover)
4-0 LMC pt. (ba-Epperson, Hall)
5-0 LMC pt. (sa-Burns)
5-1 PU pt. (he-Epperson)
6-1 LMC pt. (he-PU)
6-2 PU pt. (k-PU)
7-2 LMC pt. (k-Epperson, a-Dickover)
7-3 PU pt. (k-PU)
8-3 LMC pt. (he-PU)
8-4 PU pt. (k-PU)
9-4 LMC pt. (k-Legg, a-Reese)
10-4 LMC pt. (ba-Strice, Kiser)
Timeout PU
10-5 PU pt. (se-Bodgan)
11-5 LMC pt. (k-Strice, a-Reese)
11-6 PU pt. (k-PU)
12-6 LMC pt. (k-Kiser, a-Dickover)
12-7 PU pt. (k-PU)
12-8 PU pt. (sa-PU)
12-9 PU pt. (k-PU)
12-10 PU pt. (sa-PU)
Timeout LMC
13-10 LMC pt. (he-PU)
14-10 LMC pt. (dump-Hall)
15-10 LMC pt. (k-Epperson, a-Dickover)
15-11 PU pt. (k-PU)
15-12 PU pt. (b-PU)
15-13 PU pt. (sa-PU)
15-14 PU pt. (he-Legg)
15-15 PU pt. (be-Hall)
15-16 PU pt. (net call-Legg)
16-16 LMC pt. (four call-PU)
17-16 LMC pt. (ba-Legg, Stice)
18-16 PU pt. (bhe-PU)
19-16 LMC pt. (sa-Reese)
Timeout PU
20-16 LMC pt. (bs-Strice)
20-17 PU pt. (se-Reese)
20-18 PU pt. (k-PU)
21-18 LMC pt. (k-Legg, a-Strice)
21-19 PU pt. (he-Burns)
22-19 LMC pt. (k-Burns, a-Reese)
22-20 PU pt. (k-PU)
23-20 LMC pt. (k-Kiser, a-Reese)
24-20 LMC pt. (he-PU)
24-21 PU (se-Dickover)
25-21 LMC pt. (k-Kiser, a-Dickover)
Game 2 LMC 25-21 (1-1)

Game 3
LMC Starters
Dickover, Burns, Epperson, Hall, Kiser, Bodgan
0-1 PU pt. (k-PU)
1-1 LMC pt. (k-Burns, a-Dickover)
1-2 PU pt. (k-PU)
2-2 LMC pt. (k-Epperson, a-Dickover)
2-3 PU pt. (k-PU)
3-3 LMC pt. (k-Hall, a-Dickover)
4-3 LMC pt. (bs-Epperson)
4-4 PU pt. (k-PU)
5-4 LMC pt. (k-Epperson, a-Reese)
6-4 LMC pt. (he-PU)
6-5 PU pt. (k-PU)
6-6 PU pt. (he-Legg)
6-7 PU pt. (sa-PU)
7-7 LMC pt. (se-PU)
7-8 PU pt. (k-PU)
8-8 LMC pt. (k-Kiser, a-Reese)
9-8 LMC pt. (he-PU)
9-9 PU pt. (k-PU)
9-10 PU pt. (he-Hall)
9-11 PU pt. (k-PU)
9-12 PU pt. (sa-PU)
Timeout LMC
9-13 PU pt. (be-Burns)
10-13 LMC pt. (k-Hall, a-Dickover)
10-14 PU pt. (k-PU)
11-14 LMC pt. (he-PU)
11-15 PU pt. (se-Kiser)
11-16 PU pt. (he-Hall)
11-17 PU pt. (k-PU)
Timeout LMC
11-18 PU pt. (k-PU)
11-19 PU pt. (he-Epperson)
11-20 PU pt. (k-PU)
11-21 PU pt.
12-21 LMC pt. (he-PU)
12-22 PU pt. (bhe-Reese)
13-22 LMC pt. (b-Epperson)
14-22 LMC pt. (lift-PU)
15-22 LMC pt. (ba-Legg, Hall)
Timeout PU
16-22 LMC pt. (k-Hall, a-Reese)
16-23 PU pt. (k-PU)
16-24 PU pt. (he-Burns)
16-25 PU pt. (b-PU)
Game 3 PU 16-25 (1-2)

Game 4
LMC Starters
Hall, Epperson, Bodgan, Kiser, Dickover, Copley
1-0 LMC pt. (k-Copley, a-Dickover)
2-0 LMC pt. (four call-PU)
3-0 LMC pt. (he-PU)
3-1 PU pt. (k-PU)
4-1 LMC pt. (k-Kiser, a-Dickover)
5-1 LMC pt. (he-PU)
6-1 LMC pt. (ba-Hall, Legg)
7-1 LMC pt. (k-Legg, a-Dickover)
Timeout PU
8-1 LMC pt. (four call-PU)
9-1 LMC pt. (sa-Kiser)
10-1 LMC pt. (bs-Epperson)
11-1 LMC pt. (k-Epperson, a-Dickover)
11-2 LMC pt. (k-PU)
12-2 LMC pt. (se-PU)
13-2 LMC pt. (sa-Reese)
14-2 LMC pt. (he-PU)
15-2 LMC pt. (he-PU)
16-2 LMC pt. (overpass out-PU)
17-2 LMC pt. (dump-Reese)
18-2 LMC pt. (bs-Legg)
19-2 LMC pt. (k-Epperson, a-Reese)
20-2 LMC pt. (sa-Reese)
20-3 PU pt. (be-Legg)
20-4 PU pt. (he-Epperson)
20-5 PU pt.
20-6 PU pt. (k-PU)
21-6 LMC pt. (se-PU)
22-6 LMC pt. (sa-Epperson)
22-7 PU pt. (bhe-Reese)
23-7 LMC pt. (k-Legg, a-Reese)
23-8 PU pt. (k-PU)
23-9 PU pt. (k-PU)
23-10 PU pt. (b-PU)
23-11 PU pt. (k-PU)
23-12 PU pt. (sa-PU)
Timeout LMC (Delay Due to Slow Connection)
23-13 PU pt. (dump-PU)
24-13 LMC pt. (dump-Reese)
24-14 PU pt. (k-PU)
24-15 PU pt. (k-PU)
25-15 LMC pt. (k-Kiser, a-Reese)
Game 4 25-15 LMC (2-2)

Game 5
LMC Starters
Hall, Burns, Kiser, Dickover, Epperson, Bodgan
0-1 PU pt. (k-PU)
0-2 PU pt. (b-PU)
0-3 PU pt. (k-PU)
0-4 PU pt. (k-PU)
Timeout LMC
1-4 LMC pt. (k-Hall, a-Dickover)
2-4 LMC pt. (ba-Kiser, Hall, Epperson)
3-4 LMC pt. (k-Hall)
4-4 LMC pt. (bs-Hall)
4-5 PU pt. (net call-LMC)
5-5 LMC pt. (k-Hall, a-Dickover)
5-6 PU pt. (k-PU)
6-6 LMC pt. (dump-Hall)
7-6 LMC pt. (k-Strice, a-Dickover)
7-7 PU pt. (double call-LMC)
8-7 PU pt. (he-Epperson)
8-8 LMC pt. (dump-Reese)
8-9 PU pt. (k-PU)
8-10 PU pt. (dump-PU)
9-11 PU pt. (lift call-LMC)
Timeout LMC
9-12 PU pt. (k-PU)
9-13 PU pt. (k-PU)
9-14 PU pt. (he-Legg)
10-14 LMC pt. (k-Stice, a-Reese)
11-14 LMC pt. (he-PU)
11-15 PU pt. (se-LMC)
Game 5 11-15 PU (2-3)