Women's Cross Country

Checking in with the Women on SmartStop/Mock Orange Bikes’ Cyclocross Team

Katherine and Emily Shields are twin sisters and freshmen student-athletes at Lees McRae College. They bring with them tremendous potential to reach the top level in women's cyclocross and SmartStop/Mock Orange Bikes is very excited to have the opportunity provide the support and mentorship needed to help them toward their very lofty goals. Emily finished last season second in the Under 19 National Cyclocross Championships while Katherine also performed very well, finishing fourth.

This spring both Emily and Katerine finished on the podium at the National Championships Road Race finishing second and third. Choosing to focus on cyclocross and the opportunity to race as development riders within the SmartStop/ Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley Professional cyclocross team, they passed up the opportunity to compete in the World Championships Road Race this fall after qualifying for the team with their performances at the national championships.

Over the next few years they will balance their time between their studies, running cross country and racing both cyclocross and road bikes for Lees McRae College, arguably the Nation's top collegiate cycling program. They come from a cycling family with both their mother and father racing competitively. Emily and Katherine Shields, celebrated their 18th birthdays September 14th with a 23rd and 26th finish at Cross Vegas. Now, they're racing on the East Coast. Check back for more updates on the twins as the season progresses.